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Child support guidance

Whether you need to get child support or make changes to child support requirements, Attorney Buzbee is here to help you. We provide aggressive legal representation to help you with all types of child support matters.

Pursue child support matters out of court with us

Whenever possible, we'll work with all parties involved to try to come to an agreement regarding child support payments. In many cases, this is possible. When it isn't, we'll work to protect your rights. We work with both those who pay and receive child support payments.

Talk to us about child support matters:

  • Paternity establishment

  • Child support requests

  • Modifications

  • Disputes

  • Back payments

Count on our 40 years of experience

Child support matters can be very intense. With the help of our experienced attorney, you'll know what your rights are and how to navigate the legal system.

Expect professional, reliable legal support in any family legal matter.

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